Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jason E. Hodges Quotes

Writers live within their mind for their flesh and bones are stuck in a far worse place.

Sometimes people just can't take how real the world can be. Even if they're your friend they’ll drop away from you like petals to a dying flower to keep their own sanity. 

A poet writes what they see every day, what they know, what they’ve lived or barely lived through. 

Sometimes the rules of writing get in the way of a good story told.

A shovel is the greatest motivational teacher I know.

Sleeplessness and being a writer seem to go together hand in hand. 

If you’re not going to immerse yourself in your work as a writer then don’t write. But beware, if you’re a writer who does not write, you stand a good chance of drowning in the world that surrounds you. 

For some folks the world is filled to the top with hurt.

For the writer that has truly suffered, their pen, their words, their art will become as important as breathing.

Lies are served like a fine delicacy. But beware, the truth of it all will sour, lodge in your throat, and choke your very existence if you continue to believe them.

Sweat, blood, and tears mean nothing in your writing if you’re not willing to burn what doesn’t work.