Saturday, July 29, 2017

Amanda Palmer

Dear Amanda

I dig you!

I’m so happy

You’re not like the rest

I pass on the street!

Each block holds

A thousand people’s dreams

Resting in the city’s insides

Trapped forever

In its hopeless heartbeat


I see your spirit shouting skyward

Upward and outward

Gently nudging artists of the world

To keep pushing and creating!

I say to the artist

The poets

The writers

The musicians

Reach in and find yourself

Your work

Your voice

Deserves to be heard

Find your tribe in life


If you can’t find it

Make your own

Look inside

Pry inside your soul

With the claws life has given you

Find yourself, it’s worth finding!

Oh Amanda

Humanity has a habit


Smothering humans with rules

Of uniformity

Of color-coded sheep fleeces


Dress codes for the masses

Of geographical beliefs

That their world is right


All others are wrong

Of conduct constructed completely

With agendas and genders in mind


Between the rules and regulations

Of life there is the voice of the artist

Like you

Like Kathleen Hanna

Like Ian Mackaye

Giving the rest of us hope

Like stars a sailor sets sail to

In the darkness

Not knowing if he will see land

In the sunrise of tomorrow


The dark clouds of a hurricane

The youth puts faith in the ones

Who has come before them

Not knowing what’s in

The next day’s sunrise

But having your words and songs

To weather whatever the storm

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pockets Of The Profit Maker

Everything is necessary

In everyone’s

Own needing of necessities!

The machines are taking over

At least

It seems that way!

The laborer

Is becoming more and more

Scarce to see these days

John Henry was the first to

Fight this

Way of working

Where machines

Take the place


Muscle, blood, and bone 

I heard his song

Many times as a boy


Folk hero in the lands


My youth

Gave us hope that mankind

Wouldn’t completely

Be taken over

By oil

By steel

By plastic


We all kind of knew

This day was coming

We just didn’t expect 

It would be so soon


Maybe we never realized

How fast it would

All go by

I guess

There are too many profits

To be maximized

Too much money

To be made

To not go this route

And the machines are

Not only taking the place


Working flesh

They’re taking the position


The mind!


Critical thinking!

Is it possible

In centuries to come

We will have bodies like jellyfish


Grunt like cavemen?

The sun will burn brighter

Than ever by then

And the air

Will be too poisoned to breathe

Machines will be our only


To work outside

Mechanical movement underneath

A radioactive sun  

All for the pockets


The profit maker

To continue

Making their money!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017



Queen of the Iceni

Wife of Prasutagus

Daughter of Britain!

Upon her husband’s death

Rome came to take everything

That was his

Not recognizing

His daughters as heirs

His wife as

The new ruler reigning over

Her people!

Boudicca was flogged




Her two daughters raped

Her property seized

Her soul stripped of all

She knew and loved!


Rome would soon regret

Their treatment of Boudicca

Revenge on Rome was hers


Fury and fire

Sword and chariot

The uprising she led

Wiped out whole Roman cities

Now known as

Colchester, London, and St. Albans

They were

Burned to the ground

A culture cleansing of anything


60 years after

Nailing Christ to the cross

Pushing a spear into his side

Watching his blood

Soak the sandy soil beneath him

The same generation


Roman soldiers

Now retired


Living their last days

Off the plunders of Rome

In these cities she sacked

Would live their last hours 

On the crucifix!

Eighty thousand Romans

In London alone

Were put to the sword by Boudicca!

To this day

There is a layer of charred earth

That blankets the underbelly


The city

Scorched soil seeping

With the souls of the dead

In the end Boudicca

Was defeated on the battlefield

By Suetonius

Thousands of her people lay dead

The great Roman author Tacitus wrote

She survived the battle

But took her life

With poison later that day!

No one truly knows

Boudicca’s final hours

But her story of resistance


Fighting oppression

Will live on

For centuries to come!

Saturday, June 3, 2017


An old friend of mine

I’ve known for thirty years

Told me

I was blunt the other day

He then said

It was one of the reasons

He has remained friends

With me

For so long

He knew exactly where

He stood with me

At all times!

I was surprised by this

I said, I thought I believed

I was careful

With people’s feelings

My wife then joined in

The conversation

“You thought you were

a sugar coater?”

A smile then pulled gently

Across her face

His wife chuckled

“You’re no sugar coater!”

I spent the next few hours

Pondering all this

Like Archimedes

Pondering Physics

I wondered

What people would think

If I didn’t try to sugar coat

My words?

A few days later


Hours into a day


Dealing with customers

A coworker said to me

As her brow

Slowly moved upwards

“You don’t have to be

antagonistic with the customers”

I said,

“I’m not.”

“But I’m also not promising them

unicorns and rainbows”

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It’s Amazing

Yes, it’s amazing

What we believe is

Not coming for us


We know

Good and well


We put sweets into our body

Knowing the crash

Is going to come

But we eat them anyways!

The drunks drink their drinks


They escape the hangover

Coming the next day

But it will come

With all of its glory

All of its misery

All at the same time!

The voter wants

So badly to believe

The politician’s lies

Knowing deep down

There is no possible way

They can deliver

All they have promised


The ones who become life long


In a position of power


Way to Godlike to the masses

My mother used to say,

“The preacher needs to go after

A few years. Because the flock

Will start to worship him

More than God!”


Food, alcohol, money and greed

Will all lead

To your soul being consumed

By the wolves of the world! 

Like Tuberculosis eating away

At the lungs!

We all are guilty of wanting

Something different

Than what we know

Is on the way

For us

Shutting our eyes to what we

Clearly see leading to its arrival

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jason E. Hodges Quotes

“Never be an artist that starts worshiping yourself or believe your little group is better than anyone outside of it. For, you are nothing more than a grain of sand on a hillside in this world of ours. Even Da Vinci’s work is only glanced at then scrolled past on a phone or computer these days. Climb down off your throne and become humble once more.” Jason E. Hodges

“Your only guarantee in this life is that eventually it will end. So make it extraordinary. Live like tomorrow won’t start for you.” Jason E. Hodges

“The biggest weapon that threatens us all is, mankind’s stupidity.” Jason E. Hodges    

“To forgive is powerful. To not remember the reasons why you had to forgive is foolish. So continue on with open eyes and see all that’s before you.” Jason E. Hodges

“To pluck out debris from one’s eye can be quite painful. To dig into one’s self can be unbearable. But in order to move forward we must pluck out the painful and fill our souls with hope that the pain never returns.” Jason E. Hodges

“I’d rather fall climbing a mountain hand in hand with someone I felt was my equal than to make it to the top by stepping on them.” Jason E. Hodges

“Humans have the ability to rewrite history. Within a few decades it is not even questioned. Stories of the past become as real as the world you walk through today. Wars are waged over false history. Sins are denied. All for mankind to move forward and feel comfortable about its past. Your true history is written in the stars. Look up, breathe in, and be humbled by the ones who came before you. The ones who have suffered, who have endured, who have overcome. Their blood is alive in you. Their spirits roam freely in the heavens above.” Jason E Hodges      

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Journal

Bound by leather

Worn by age

My journal

Truly understands me

Its tattered pages creak

When I turn them

Too many rides


Backpack adventures


Day to day travels!

My journal is the tool

That allows me to drift

Drift farther

And farther

From reality


Into reality

It’s hard to say at this point?


I study the world around me

Like Sabrina Pasterski

Studies physics! 

I give all that I have

To make sense


This world!

I have no PHD

No college degree

But what I do

Have is the drive

To understand

All that surrounds me!   

And I think


Are my thoughts

What others call hearing voices?

Do their dreams

Sound so foreign

So beyond

What they believe is obtainable

They do not hear

Dreams whispering in their mind?

Some truly seem

So programmed by the world

That surrounds them

That any differing

From the daily planer

Must be a sickness!

If you speak


Say what others

Are afraid to say

You are easily dismissed

Mocked for being different

Yet praised

If your writing becomes viable!

For now


You're safe

I won’t let them read you

I’ll keep you locked away

Far from their sight

Until you are needed

To awaken

The minds of the sleeping


Their way right through life

Friday, May 26, 2017

Workplace Machine

The morning sun

Bends and twists

It changes

Minute by minute

In the reflection


The buildings


Windows of sparkle

All for the lifeless sheep

To gaze upon

As they crawl

Their way into work

Their faces are long


Lost of expression

All because

They’re waiting for

The workweek to begin

Waiting for the coffee

To drip from the dripper

Self-inflicted misery

For another day’s pay!

God knows how many times

I’ve been in their shoes


How I’m still there

A few days a week!

Within a few hours of working

The counting of minutes will start

A quick glance at the wall clock

To see

The day is far from over


The Boss

The Shepherd

Is constantly frowning

His smile was lost

With the collapses of the market

The fall


His 401k something-another

His morning

Drives at the range

Are now nothing

But a memory

A thought

Fleeting at that!

So the sheep

Have good cause to worry

To sweat

To cry secretly

In the restroom

But before all of this

Worry in the workplace

This stress to make

Green colored paper

They must travel

Like ants to the mound

Bumper to bumper

The sheep

Are fed

To the workplace machine

One soul at a time

Losing all that was


Becoming all they never

Intended to be!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gasping For Air

Breathing is something

I once took for granted


The sweet smell of spring

Is dulled by a plastic mask

I must wear some days

Just to move about outside!

The thick humid air


The South

With its Rough Barked Oaks


Lime Yellow Pines

Towering into the sky

Is a place

I’ve only known as home!

I once walked freely on this land

And enjoyed

All that surrounded me

With no care

With no worry


What I was breathing in!


Each Spring

I wonder what’s drifting

In the sweet southern breeze?

What could collapses my airway?

Like a flower wilting

In the hot Summer Sun

One speck of pollen

One speck of dust

Is all it would take

To take my breath away!

My mask

Is now my protector!

My mask

Is now my best friend!

Each morning

I look out

On the soft rays of light

Field flowers

Glow in an amber haze

In the distance

The air is buzzing

With the hum


Honey bees

The spring buds

Are blooming

Bursting out

From their wintry shells

Stunning to my eyes


I know better

Than to smell them

I’m glad to still see

All of this beauty

Even if it’s

While wearing a mask