Saturday, November 30, 2013

What If?

What if heaven

Wasn’t like heaven at all?

No streets of gold

No cotton clouds to lay upon

No endless blue skies at your feet

Yes, what if it

Was like none of this?

What if it was more like

Some old town where spirits wander about

Like the rain swept streets of St. Augustine

Where shadows dance in early nightfall

From the soft sea breeze swaying slip-chain streetlights

Back and forth

Back and forth


Instead of tourist looking for ghost

On this spot or that

Ghost look for the best spots to communicate

With the undead

With the card readers

The mediums

With loved ones left behind

Trying to pick up the pieces 

Before drowning in a cold lake of tears

A sea of sorrow

Yes, what if

Heaven was more like the backstreets and alleyways

Of that old city?

Where old friends wander about

No need to eat  

No sickness

No fear

No money needed

No agendas by others

Just friends and family wandering about