Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Two Dragonflies

As I drove

Into the parking lot

Of the skate park

I saw the charred remains

Of a burned out Jeep

Torched down to the bare bones

Flaked paint and shattered glass

Covered the ground around its outside 

Like an oily tie-dyed junkyard roadway

It sparkled in the first rays of light 

Its skeleton steel frame

Was all that was left

A fate Galileo could’ve encountered himself

If he continued

Going against the status quo


The status quo

Is almost always right in their own minds

Never wrong

They ever could be

And at all times

Certainly concerned with where they fit in

To the ladder leading to their own believed greatness

Kings, some believe they’ve become


I’ve seen many who thought they were royalty

Come and go in this game of skate

In time their bodies betray them

Their eyes become wide with shock

When their worshipers no longer worship them

They’ve moved on to a new god


The self-proclaimed kings 

Never realized their kingdom was merely geographic

In nature

And that once

Oh so big world of theirs

Now has boundaries that are shrinking      

As I rest on the curb

I ponder all of these things and more

I look out at a discarded diaper

Ten feet from a garbage can

Flies swarm its outside

Oh how we’ve evolved!!!

Darwin might theorize today

We’ve started to trek backwards

Soon we’ll be walking on all fours

Two dragonflies fly into one another

Above me

Like two knights jousting

For a roaring crowd’s approval

Yet, I’m no crowd

I’m just one

But they still put up a noble fight indeed

Clashing in sound

Like a whispering wing beating orchestra

Playing some 

Harry Partch microtonal musical masterpiece

Most would not hear them at all

Over the noise of the city

But I hear them

And watch

Till they fade into the distance