Friday, July 25, 2014

Petals Falling : A Book Of Poems By Jason E. Hodges

How can one describe a book of poetry? It’s art! It may be one of the most subjective forms of writing someone can do. I could say something like, “See what Hodges sees when he writes while looking out into a skyline bleeding pink and red from the last rays of a crimson winter sunset,” but would this convince you that this book would be worth reading? I could say, “He’s influenced by, Poe, Plath, Sexton, Nin, and Bukowski,” but would this convince you he is a poet worth reading? So the best way to describe this book, if you’re not familiar with Hodges’s work, is to simply say to you, read it! Take a chance for 99 cents and read a poet that pours his heart out onto every page. Feel the vulnerability in his words as he questions his struggles, his friendships, love, loss, and at times, it seems, even his on sanity. Along with haunting memories that will pull you into his nightmares, Hodges’ imagination will bring you into a whirlwind world of poetry you soon will not forget.

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