Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Lighthouse

Photo by Jason E. Hodges
It seems
Is watching us
Each step we take
Watching our every movement
Within this tower of
Sea guiding light
With its painted black stripes
Spiraling upwards
Into the crystal blue sky
The higher we climb
With each step we take
The more we feel their presence
Is the lighthouse guardian
Still walking these grounds?
Is it the mariners?
The ones
Who never made it back
From the sea
From the dark water and waves
Tossing their boat about
Like a twig
In the eye of a hurricane
Are they now here beside us?
Is watching us
I feel their eyes from the other side
Peer through the void between our two worlds
The gaze of the ones not living
Can be chilling indeed
Once you realize their eyes have falling upon you
Only your primal senses can feel them
You have no way of knowing
If they’re looking with lust
With love
With hate
With curiosity
Because we’re all just trespassers
In their eternal haunts
Until the day we cross over 
And watch what once was ours
Discovered by the next to walk
In the footsteps we walk today

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