Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Falling Inside

It seems people


Falling inside themselves

These days

Totally collapsing within

Protecting their souls from

The roaming Jackals

Who are only taking

Never giving

Yes, yes, yes!

I’m sure

As soon as you read this

You thought, I give!

But this poem

Is about the world

As a whole

Not the few folks that are

Doing their best

To help humanity


They, you, I

Do make

The world better

Than what it would be

If we didn’t care!


The Venus Fly Traps


Waiting for you

To land in a conversation

With them

Then they’ll close their lids

Biting down to crush you

To consume you

With their negative energy!

I wonder at times

If it’s with in human nature

To feed

On the kindness of others?

To feast on the weak?

Then some days

I don’t ponder

This question at all!

From my book, When The Cedars Shade Your Grave

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