Friday, March 10, 2017

The Melvins And The Van

In 1989

A friend and I

Went to see

The Melvins

Play in Gainesville FL


The Hardback Café

The underground was alive



That night

Breathing in


Sweating out artistic energy!

A moving motion of music lovers

Mingled among

Moshers and Metalheads!  

A strong sense of community

Was in the air

Waves of sound

Washed over us

I could feel the music


Inside my chest

As the band played

It felt like

My lungs

Had filled with

Notes and tones

From the guitar

From the pounding drums

From voices singing

Into microphones

All of it

Was rattling within my ribcage

Like a canary

Trapped by a grinning housecat

Pawing its cage

Back and forth

Back and forth

Or maybe

Hunter S. Thompson’s beloved bird


Flapping around frantically

While Hunter banged

On the outside of his

Wired framed home!

Either way

The sound was shaking

My insides!

After the show

We made our way outside

Onto the brick street

In front of the bar

Leaning against

The Melvins

Tour Van

My friend and I made small talk

Small talk was made between us

Within a few minutes 

I started to notice

A Kiss Mural drawn on the side


The van

Four painted faces


Rock and roll royalty

I thought to myself

Whoever drew this


The art of the underground

Years latter

I read Kurt Cobain

Did the drawing


Kurt had a good grasp


The art of the underground


His art

Brought the mainstream

Rushing towards it!

From my book, When The Cedars Shade Your Grave

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