Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pockets Of The Profit Maker

Everything is necessary

In everyone’s

Own needing of necessities!

The machines are taking over

At least

It seems that way!

The laborer

Is becoming more and more

Scarce to see these days

John Henry was the first to

Fight this

Way of working

Where machines

Take the place


Muscle, blood, and bone 

I heard his song

Many times as a boy


Folk hero in the lands


My youth

Gave us hope that mankind

Wouldn’t completely

Be taken over

By oil

By steel

By plastic


We all kind of knew

This day was coming

We just didn’t expect 

It would be so soon


Maybe we never realized

How fast it would

All go by

I guess

There are too many profits

To be maximized

Too much money

To be made

To not go this route

And the machines are

Not only taking the place


Working flesh

They’re taking the position


The mind!


Critical thinking!

Is it possible

In centuries to come

We will have bodies like jellyfish


Grunt like cavemen?

The sun will burn brighter

Than ever by then

And the air

Will be too poisoned to breathe

Machines will be our only


To work outside

Mechanical movement underneath

A radioactive sun  

All for the pockets


The profit maker

To continue

Making their money!

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