Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poem : Burlesque for the Dancing

The show of all shows
A show of sights and smiles
For the seeing watch with glee in their eyes
Winged feathered fans freely flowing about
Fluttering with ease
The long legs of an angel
Move with precision
Dressed with heels of perfection
Hosed with net-diamond nylon
Pulled over the muscled legs of a dancer
Flawlessly slid into place
Gartered and belted with hook-springs of holding
Corsets laced with tightness
Sucked in with the shortest of breaths
Lovingly tightened
Pulling into a contour of eye catching beauty
Velvet top hats
Skirted with the softest lace veil slightly hiding her eyes
The dancer
Her style is one of class
No poles to climb
No laps of sitting for dances of pleasure
For she controls their gaze without showing it all
Leaving their mind to wonder what lies beneath her pink feathered fans
Wondering what if?
And what could be?
Imagining the next move of her graceful movements of mystery
Making all in the crowd hope the song never ends

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