Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Poem : A Moment In Time

An old man looks back
Never looks forward
At least not more than next week
Looks back on memories, some good, some bad
But all lived in moments of time
He sits on his porch and looks out on the city
All the busyness of the world
All the bustle of the suburbs that surround him
Now a single tear falls from his eye
A tear for the once rolling farmland of green
For rowed furrows once waiting for corn
Dusty lines that lead off in a crimson sunset
A sunset of memories
A moment in time
Trees he planted that were no more than saplings
Now push up the sidewalk in front of his home
Marriage, kids, grandkids, and death
World Wars, Depressions, Booms and Bust
From Mules and collars
To tractors of gear driven steel
Now all just memories
All just moments in time
Time that can never be relived
But time that can’t be taken away
Taken away like the land he once loved
Away from the man that sits on his porch
Sits and waits for the next day
Sits with more tears in his eyes
Sits in his moments of time

Published at Indigo Rising Magazine March 29 / 2011

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