Thursday, October 4, 2012

Poem : Butterflies Of The Night

I see you each morning
As the moon falls from the blackened sky
As it casts it’s x-ray light upon the shadowed clouds
Floating puffs of dark cotton
Cotton clouds lined with blue smears of moonlight
Splashed underneath with the finest shades of purple
I see you I say
You and your kind
Swarm underneath the 235 bridge
Coming home to hang under its stone columns
Its giant cement pillars holding the roadway above
Fluttering with such beauty
You do
As you fly in the thousands
And I wonder
What gives you your flutter?
Are you drunk?
From the fermented fruit
Left to rot in the fields waiting to be turned under by the plow point
Left by the migrant workers moving on to the next crop
To the next town
Or is your wobbly way of flying from the nectar of night flowers?
Open and waiting for you to pollinate
With your small pointed tongue
Feeding all night on their sweetness
Yet giving life to us all
As you move flower to flower
I wonder these things each morning I see you
I see you and wonder each morning these things