Monday, October 15, 2012

Poem : Hope

Hope is something that has served me well
Throughout my life
But never more so than the last year and a half
Hope is something to hold on to
When the winds of pain blow without mercy
Without pity
Without love
Like a hurricane’s breeze bending trees
Into upside-down brooms sweeping the sky
And when this happens, I must seek shelter
And the only shelter to seek is hope
Hope is something that comes from within
Hope begins as a thought
Yet something you can see before you slowly turning to reality
Like the autumn leaves bursting with color
Things will eventually change with hope and time
But time is always the key
Hope takes hard work to protect
For at first you must lock it away
Far away
Hide it from the ones who don’t want you to dream
Of bigger and better tomorrows
In a box, within a box, within your heart
Far away where you have to look for it each and every day
Where no one can see it but you
No one can take it away
Then when the time is right
Open yourself up to a life of new possibilities
Reach into your heart and pull hope from your chest
And live a life you’ve only been dreaming of
Where your biggest concern is to be not concerned with tomorrow
And the past is left in the past
A life where you count the stars in an endless sky with the one you love
As the moon shines on your shadows gazing upwards together
But remember
Hope is fragile in the beginning of its emerges
Like a butterfly slipping out from its cocoon
Weak are its wings at first
And when dreams fall apart
The pain can be almost to hard to describe
Your heart feels like it’s stopped beating
Your mind races with such speed of what went wrong?
What could have been?
Or even, what has been
Your distant demeanor troubles the ones that surround you
Your blank stare is constant
For you’re still looking for answers
Yet hope takes hold of you once more
And you move through the motions of the everyday grind
Till you’re ready to try hope again
And live the life you’ve only lived in your dreams

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