Sunday, February 24, 2013

Poem : Angels

It seems
We never look for our guardian angels
Until our world comes crashing down
No need
For the winged beings of goodness
The protectors of invisibility
Watching over us constantly
Not needed till it all begins again
When the cold hospital hallways become home once more
When the hypnotic chime of heart monitors
Put you to sleep
As you sit in a windowsill
Staring at the same view of the city
You’ve seen a thousand times before
When the fluorescent lighting hums softly
And you hear it
Because there’s nothing to say
So, we look with believing eyes
With the sincerest of stares
For the angel we’re told that is always there
Because we want believe
We need to see
When all is not right in our world
For most there is not even a thought
Till the days of darkness falls upon them
But in my world
It seems there’s no break in the needing of angels
For death’s been in the front seat with me
For far too long
So you see
They must be around me
For I am still here with nowhere to go

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