Monday, February 18, 2013

Poem : Blackbird

Oh blackbird
With your feathers strewn about
On your highway of travels
Your skyway of flight
It’s not just your windowpane reflection who sees
How exhausted you’ve become
Pushing yourself higher and higher into the clouds
Into the unknown
Yet, where you think you should be
Oh blackbird
With your dust covered wings
Now falling to the ground
If you don’t awake soon
Shake off the stress
The worry of what hasn’t even happened
Yes, awake
Spread your wings once more
Point your dull dark bill back in the direction of dreaming
It’s a far better place
Than having no dreams at all
Oh blackbird
Sometimes dreams are all we have to hold on to
In this world where most have no dreams at all
So Swoop
Plunge without fear
Whatever it takes
Grab hold of better tomorrows
Come alive and fly with your dreams in your grasp
To a place you’ve always deserved

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