Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poem : God Ran Out Of Parchment

Last night
I looked up
In the pale blue sky
Submerged in the darkness of life
Dotted with stars that sparked like pinholes of light
Through the worn and tattered curtain
On the stage of our world
Light from the beginnings of time
When God picked up coals from his fire
Then blew them from his palm
Into the universe
Creating the heavens above  
I sat in silence as the moon’s dull light washed over me
And tried my best to think of nothing at all
As the cold wind blew through my bones
I was ready to sleep
I awoke the next morning
And a thought crossed my mind
As I stepped out
To face the world once more
I think
God must have ran out of parchment
For it looks like
He colored the sky with a crayon
Scribbling zigzag lines of gray
Splitting the sky in two
Down, down, down
These lines did fall
To the red top horizon
Mirroring itself just before me
Yes, today
God used the sky as his canvas
Splashing spotted specks of pink and blue paint
On the backdrop of our world
Creating some colors
I can’t even describe    
Yes, today I believe
God ran out of parchment