Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poem : L O V E IS?

Love is many things
And sadly
Some will go a lifetime without ever knowing what it really is
Or worse
Watch it slip away like a leaf floating in a stream
Love is a powerful force
The strongest I believe
So strong it washes away all the mistakes
All the hurt
All the uncertainty in an instant
Melts it away
Like footprints in the sand lapped softly by the gentle waves of the sea
Love mends with precision
Precisely putting the pieces of broken hearts back together
Love is understanding
Love is to look inside one another
To see the real person and love them with all that you have to give
To look past the curtains that were drawn
The walls that have been put up
And to see
I mean really see who they are in their spirit
Their soul
To gaze upon the real beauty within
For the outward will fade with time
Love is not taking one another for granted
For the sands of time might stop falling for you tomorrow
Love is letting go of all the chaos around you
Come in from the storm and seek shelter
Shelter inside one another
To feel each other’s emotions
To have butterflies floating inside you and your heart beat so fast you want to pass out
It’s taking the time to realize somehow you’ve made a wrong turn
Backing up and working together
To make a new path stronger than before
Love is communication
Love is all of these things
But most of all love is a powerful thing

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