Monday, July 16, 2012

Poem : Stripped Away

Sometimes I get the blues
I mean the real down and outs
All I can do is play my guitar late into the night
Bending the strings
Into a course of moans and cries that drift away in the darkness
Making them speak so I don’t have to
When my voice is too sad to talk
When I feel stripped away
By life
By luck
By no luck at all
Layer by layer
The feelings fall from me
Until I feel nothing at all
Stripped away
Like the dead ear from a stalk
Dried up and fallen from life
A life of who I once was
Or at least can still remember
So I play these six strings
Even when I don’t feel like picking the guitar up
When my arms feel weak
From depression running through my mind
Through my body
That I can barely hold them up
And all I really want is to sleep
But I can’t sleep
For it was stripped away too
Long, long, ago
Stripped with the utmost perfection
Like a lot that was apart of my life

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