Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poem : Stars In The Sky

As the twilight begins its freefall into complete darkness
When the stillness is only interrupted
By the fog rolling in on the land
I sit outside and remember
Remember my friend from so long ago
For he has left me today
Now his memory is all I have left
I can still see him
In a clip from a scratchy home movie
Out of sync with his words
Yet priceless now that he’s gone
His image captured before good technology
When everything seemed a little more rough
Not as refined
A time when the stars and moon meant something
For we were taught as kids
That’s where you go when you die
“Up there,” My father would say
Pointing high above him
To a thousand pinholes of light called stars in the blackened sky
Yes, it was a time when people actually looked up and imagined
Not type in a description and wait for the flawless image to appear
Appear on their flat screen
Powered by a search engine
When people walked among the wildlife
Without fear that the wildlife would ask them for change
When people weren’t so caught up
In what the world wanted them to be
It was simple back then
It’s just simply painful what we’ve become
Or at least what we strive to become
Yet none of it will bring my friend back
But nothing can take his memory away

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