Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Christmas Abbott

More than muscle

More than skill

It’s the spirit

The spirit and the mind

Working as one

That has to be tapped into

From Archimedes to Stephen Hawking

Exceptional people

I believe

Have done just this!!!  

Abbott is an artisan of the body

Sculpting muscle and tissue

With weights of steel 

As well as Da Vinci

Sculpting in his medium of marble

And again

I say

I believe

It all has to start by tapping into

The spirit and mind

You see

Sometimes you have to sail away

From who you think you are

To become something better

Like Gauguin

Moving away

To create his perfect art 

We must move away from who we are

To what we can be

Move in our thinking  

Tapping into one’s self

For the first time

Is like tapping into the words of Emerson

Something moves within you so fast

Like Jesse Owens going for the gold

You will realize

What power lies within our dreams

Abbott wasn’t born a Crossfit fine-tuned machine 


A NASCAR superstar

No more than Franco Columbu

Woke up one day a weightlifting champion

Hard work gets you where you want to go!!!

But you have to want to get there

And again

I say

I believe

It all starts in the spirit and mind

Believing in yourself

In anything you choose to do!!!

Christmas Abbott pushing steel

Pushing her way to the top

An inspiration for us all

To do more than just getting by 

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