Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Red Rountree


Really, THINK?

What will be your last swan song?

Red’s was robbing banks at 91

Crazy old man some would say


Some would say anything to downplay

His Jesse James ways 

Red followed the law for most of his life

Then in the end

The law followed him


Pulled over

His hands stretched high in the air

Some would say Red

Was wasting his last years

Robbing relentlessly running

From the long arm of the law


Some say things they know nothing about

Yes, his last breaths were taken

Inside the cold walls of a prison

Not dying a free man

Yet, some know nothing of what it is to truly be free

Never stepping out of

Their self-created

Comforted jail cells


In the safety

Of a boxed-in reality

Far from living at all

Red may have died locked away behind bars

But he lived more than some will ever know


Some prefer shadowboxing

Within their perfect life boundaries

Fetching the morning paper and waving to the neighbors

Robbing not banks but something far worse

Robbing themselves of a life truly lived

Never knowing adventure

Fear or excitement

Never stopping to see

Something as simple as a sunset

Wasting away in the safety of their shell

Retracting like snails at the first signs of different

Yes, time wasted not living your life   

Has to be

The biggest crime of them all!!!

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