Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here For The Stay

It seems only a handful

Are here for the stay

Never wasting their

Moment in time


Many moments of madness made possible

By actually living their life so alive

Not wasting it

Watching it drift by

With what ifs

And what could have been

Maybe this is why I love them so?

Yet, they’re almost always looked upon

By the status quo

As wasting it all

For living their life to the fullest

Yes, some are here for the stay

Hell, we all are, I guess

It’s what we do while we’re here that matters



Is all we’re ever really doing anyways

From the genius to the dullard

No one has any real proof of anything


Most everyone has explanations for it all

And all believe their’s is the right one

All the way down to the

Weatherman whispering which way the wind will blow

Tomorrow is all still just

A flip of the coin

A coin flipping

End over end over end


Again and again and again

Today is all we can ever be sure of

And it changes by the minute

So live it!!! 

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