Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It’s Amazing

Yes, it’s amazing

What we believe is

Not coming for us


We know

Good and well


We put sweets into our body

Knowing the crash

Is going to come

But we eat them anyways!

The drunks drink their drinks


They escape the hangover

Coming the next day

But it will come

With all of its glory

All of its misery

All at the same time!

The voter wants

So badly to believe

The politician’s lies

Knowing deep down

There is no possible way

They can deliver

All they have promised


The ones who become life long


In a position of power


Way to Godlike to the masses

My mother used to say,

“The preacher needs to go after

A few years. Because the flock

Will start to worship him

More than God!”


Food, alcohol, money and greed

Will all lead

To your soul being consumed

By the wolves of the world! 

Like Tuberculosis eating away

At the lungs!

We all are guilty of wanting

Something different

Than what we know

Is on the way

For us

Shutting our eyes to what we

Clearly see leading to its arrival

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