Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gasping For Air

Breathing is something

I once took for granted


The sweet smell of spring

Is dulled by a plastic mask

I must wear some days

Just to move about outside!

The thick humid air


The South

With its Rough Barked Oaks


Lime Yellow Pines

Towering into the sky

Is a place

I’ve only known as home!

I once walked freely on this land

And enjoyed

All that surrounded me

With no care

With no worry


What I was breathing in!


Each Spring

I wonder what’s drifting

In the sweet southern breeze?

What could collapses my airway?

Like a flower wilting

In the hot Summer Sun

One speck of pollen

One speck of dust

Is all it would take

To take my breath away!

My mask

Is now my protector!

My mask

Is now my best friend!

Each morning

I look out

On the soft rays of light

Field flowers

Glow in an amber haze

In the distance

The air is buzzing

With the hum


Honey bees

The spring buds

Are blooming

Bursting out

From their wintry shells

Stunning to my eyes


I know better

Than to smell them

I’m glad to still see

All of this beauty

Even if it’s

While wearing a mask

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