Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poem : The Poem, The Poet

What is a poem?
It’s a highway into the soul
A freeway of twisting and turning emotion
Twisting inside oneself
Right down to the core of what’s really important
A poet is born when one finally turns away
Away from a world that says how you should feel on the inside
And how you should act on the out
Yes a poem is as much there for the living as it is for the writing
As much for the feeling, as it is for the reading
It’s there for the expressing when tears no longer satisfy
For the scratch of a pen connecting words in rhythm last longer than drops from the eye
Sharing your innermost thoughts with others with a soft whisper to their hearts
Awaking their minds with lines from your soul
Unconditionally giving more than you’ve taken is a poem all in itself
Poets are seen by so few, yet life saving for many at just the right time
Like the lighthouse seen by the mariner navigating desperately in a rain swept night
A lost man at sea on the verge of drowning is saved by the act of another
The poet, the light keeper, speaking through a shining bright beacon
Yes poems are more than the textbooks will ever tell you
Or the teacher will teach you
For they are alive and living all around us
Good, bad, or unwanted
Stories and story tellers
Poems and poets
Life clicking through the minutes of time for all us to see

Published at Catapult To Mars 10-10-2011

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