Thursday, March 1, 2012

Poem : Love

Like a whirl wind a whirling
Love gently turns your world upside down
Shakes you a bit
Yourself is a shaking in the kindest of ways
Tossed about by the hormones a tossing
In the darkness two heartbeats are beating
Pounding with speed from their embrace in the night
So lightly a drag from fingernails a dragging
Makes shivers shiver ever so softly
Gently right down my spine
Like a tattoo on the skin of stinging hot flesh
The endorphins rush is almost to much to bear
Like a thousand love lines of a thousand love letters
As much passion drips from the last word of the last line
As the first word of the first line
For the power of love is as blind as the blinded
For it sees no boundaries
No marks scratched in sand
It follows no rules made by the making
For the making seldom feel love at all
So if love sneaks up with tiptoes of quiet
Take it for all that it is
For it might not come back for a long, long time
So hold it tight
Never let it go

Published at The Rainbow Rose 9-13-2011

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