Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poem : A Woman’s Woman’s Woman

There’s a woman’s woman’s woman that feels all she is feeling
Over and over again
Again and again over and over
Honestly looking into her soul
With eyes that see into the depths of her existence
Seeing the raw power of heartbeats a beating
In the most wonderful way
Spinning in a world brought on by her need
Her need for the woman’s woman inside her to feel love
To be heard
For someone to walk quietly beside her and listen to all she has to say
To comfort her fears
Wash them away
Like the sea gently brushing footprints in the sand
Her need to be needed
Is the biggest need of all
And one that is long overdue
The touch of this woman’s woman is all but entrancing
Her skin turns warm in my hand
Her hair lays gently about her neckline
Patiently waiting for fingers to slowly slide through
The smell of her body is the most alluring sent of all
Gripping me tightly
So much so I feel dizzy
Confused in the most clear minded way
Perfectly honed this woman’s woman is
With a touch as soft as a cool morning breeze
A touch that only one can feel
Waking me from a long sad slumber
Opening my heart like the flowers of spring
Bringing me to a state of short breaths a taking
Is this woman’s woman’s woman

Published at Books On Blog Sep 17, 2011 From the Book of poems called : Don’t Get It Twisted

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