Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poem : The Thief

The Thief who steals a moment from your day
Leaves behind something wonderful
Your innermost feelings in a fluttering bliss
Emotions once held so tightly
Bound in your heart for safekeeping
But this Thief needs no key
For he swings in on your heartstrings
Pulls them in a way you adore
No fingerprints to be found at the scene
Just memories of happiness left in return
He pries with love lasting leverage
Stirring you into a spiritual awakening
Self-aware of the self longing inside you
To be wanted completely is what you were needing
So the Thief steals all of you
Holds in his hands the jewels of your soul
For the thief has not picked your pocket along a crowed street-way
He’s merely stolen a moment from your everyday life
Because it was necessary
Necessary for his very survival
A moment so precious to him
A moment never taken for granted
Like the ones that turn a deaf ear to your days voice of frustration
The ones that look at you blindly, simply unable to see
See the weight of the world bearing down on your shoulders
But the Thief sees the treasures of need that are there for the taking
He sneaks past all of the bars put up by the barring
Creeps over the walls that surround you
Into the depths of your soul locked away for far to long

Published at Dead Snakes 9, 19, 2011

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