Friday, June 8, 2012

Poem : My Retina’s Weeping

Our reality is our perception
At least I think I’ve heard this before
But maybe I’ve imagined it
It’s hard to say at this point
But it does sound vaguely familiar
What wouldn’t by now?
For the rust has set into my mind
Slowly growing with its red flaky colors
Its layers of decay ruining what good thoughts that are left
Masterfully melting my magnificent memories away
Making me wonder, where did I go?
Am I still on the path less traveled by?
Or would Frost turn away from me now?
The world seems to be changing without me
The news seems to be more shocking than ever
But the reporters are still just as asleep
The casters of news are snoozing while sitting
While talking with a smile
They sing from my fluorescent glass screen
From this box of purchased information
This golden calf
This Albatross
And my eyes are now so tired
Stinging from all they have seen
My ears are quietly bleeding from all of the promises I have heard
The lies that fall so easily from their mouths
It seems nothing will be getting any easier
Even I seem to be caught in contradictions
And fear easily consumes me now
Like a flesh eating virus making my soul rot from my bones
And the birds are now flocking together
All species huddle, waiting for the cold darkness to blow
The animals run wild through the parks of the playing
For shiny new homes have taken their land
Someone shouts, “Animal Control should be called at once.”
I instantly think, “Is there a people control? A building control?”
Maybe they should be called instead
Unlike the people, the animals know the storm is upon them
It’s been blowing for quite some time


  1. Great poem Jason! You capture these empty and "golden calf" times we are living in. And the storm is coming....And the wiser animals know it is coming...

  2. Thank you Raymond...

    Thank you Darcia...