Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poem : Spiders

Dear Mrs. Widow of Blackness
Your bite was cruel and filled with pain
But honest was the venom you pushed into my skin
Burning like coals from a fire
Your body glistened with darkness
With a splash of crimson across your underbelly
The triangle
Your sign of death or pain filled with sweat shaking agony
To the ones that come too close
Or don’t see you at all
My leg felt the venom of your small biting power
Making my muscles pull tight as my body slipped into anguish
Yet, still, your bite was as honest as honest could be
Unlike your cousin the Fiddle-Back Recluse
Who would find me next with all of her looking
Sinking her hollow fangs in without any warning
She came to me wearing a sweet veil of deception
A veil of deceit
Crawling slowly across the top of my skin
Softly crawling like a whisper from the lips of the dying
My skin never feeling her touch
Quietly she moved in for the strike
Then a red ring appeared
Circled like a bull’s-eye
Cutting off the blood flow to its center
Making the meat on my thigh rot with the black stench of death
Yet your poison had truth to its decay
Something impossible to see at first
But aren’t most things in this world of ours?
For, way before this hole closes over
Before the scab falls from the skin
You have to scrape the dead tissue
Get rid of the rot from the past to grow anew

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