Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poem : Sandhills Of The Sky

As I walk with soft steps of silence
I listen to the Sandhill Cranes throwing their calls
Their calls of echo high above the forest’s canopy
Back and forth to one another
As they circle in the sky above me
Round and round
A blur of sound filled images along a crystal blue backdrop
Moving with grace
I stop on the bridge and think of the long travel they’ve made
To float in the sweet skis of the South
To walk on the sandy soft shorelines of my home state
The great state of Florida
To move quietly on the edge of the murky cypress stained water
Combing the water’s edge looking for their next meal
With their crook-necks bent like a waterspout
And their long sharp bills so perfectly pointed for poking
Stepping and looking
And looking
As they make their way through the shadowy woodland
To frolic in fields with their flocks of feathered families
The mighty Sandhill Crane
A beauty to behold


  1. You write beautiful poetry. Glad we connected on Liinkedin.