Friday, June 8, 2012

Poem : The Rabbit of Longleaf

The rabbit
The hare
Sits frozen on the edge of the longleaf pines
Waiting with perfect stillness to burst into the brush
Into a sprint
With her bright white cottontail a showing
If danger moves upon her
For the hawk is always gliding in the sky high above
Constantly moving and looking for its pray
So she blends into her wooded surroundings
Her fur reddish brown from the sun-cast rays falling across her
Her nose moves up and down rapidly
As she smells all that drifts in the wind
Her world
My world
Our world reflects in her eyes
Her eyes so brown
So shiny with darkness
Still as a statue she sits and watches me
Stares at me
Knowing, I see her
The hare
The rabbit
Who now has disappeared from sight
Hopped away when I took my eyes off her for a moment
Gone to the shadows that fall with the night

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