Friday, November 16, 2012

Poem : A Far Away Place

Away, away, in a faraway place
My mind does often go
Drifts and dreams
With imagination
To this faraway place
Where the hills are green and flow from my eyesight
Like green waves disappearing into the horizon
A place where streams trickle with blue water magic
Where plush treetops sway against the skyline
And small creatures scurry about
Without a care in the world
A place where clouds don’t exist
Except when I need them
To shade my morning eyes from the sun
When I lay back in the meadow
And feel its warmth upon my skin
In a moment
I’m brought back
Back from this far away place
By the morning grumbles of the boss man
“Production! Production! Production!”
I guess production is the name of his faraway place
For it’s hard for big fish to flow freely
Outside of their small pond

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