Saturday, November 24, 2012

Poem : The Tower

The tower on the hill
With the faraway eye
Blinks red in the shadowed sky
Of early morning darkness
Like a ruby
Like a rose
Burning a thousand shades of energy
Shouting silently
Secret thoughts of serenity
With each flash
Like a beacon it calls to me
Each day’s dawn
Through the rolling fog of the faraway farmland
Falling from the end of night
I see it on the way to the factory
To the time clock
I see it glowing in the distance
As I make my way through the small town
The place of my work
Riddled with tin roof houses
And cars resting on blocks
I know this light well
Its steel frame jutting far above the forest’s canopy
Its support cables wound to the ground
With secure pulling tightness
This lighthouse of blinking
It stands on the hillside
Calling to my mind
To my memories
Through my wary bloodshot eyes of sleepless nights
Reminding me of the past and of the future
With each illuminating flash
Flashing forward and flashing back

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