Saturday, November 17, 2012

Poem : X-Ray Moonbeams

Bitter meals in the desert
In the colored sand stone mystery of summer
Blowing in the wind
The wind did blow that night of nights
As I chewed my meal
I felt it slipping into my blood
My bloodstream it slipped in so softly it did
Slowly melting all that I saw
And I wondered
What is this strange new world that surrounds me?
A new world incased by the old
One that has always been here, but my eyes could not see
Until this night, when I was awakened by flashes from cameras
Their bright trials streaking in the air just before me
So I walked around to see what this new place had to offer
And I heard the full moon breathing just above me
Its edge moving in and out, in and out
With each breath
Its soft moonbeams of light now shine upon me
These beams look like long sheets of x-rays falling from the night
So I took refuge underneath a mesquite bush to shade my eyes
But this only complicated matters
For it shattered the sheets crashing through the tree limbs
Turning them into tiny tumbling triangular diamonds of color
My eye’s perception of this was like peering through a kaleidoscope
Melting shards splashing the air all around me
My old mind, from the old world asked, “Is this real?”
My new mind from this new world replied, “We’ll ask Alice.”
Then I think
Or maybe a rabbit with a wound watch of gold
Maybe Alice would offer me something to drink
Something that would make me a hundred miles tall
Tall enough to give the moon my inhaler
Its breathing must have been hindered by the smog of the city
So, beware of meals in the desert
You might run into Alice or a rabbit
Maybe even a moon that wheezes with asthma
All possibilities
When the moon shines upon you with x-ray eyes

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