Friday, October 31, 2014

Insulted By Ignorance

You know you’re insane, don’t you?

The sheep said to me with an overjoyed tone

As he wore the latest fashion

You see, it’s important to them

To have a question mark followed by

An in-style smile

I couldn’t blame him really

The other sheep were looking on

And oh

How tempting it must be

For this lamb to win their approval

My reply

What is insane?

Is it doing what you really want to do in this life?

Wearing what’s comfortable?

Saying what needs to be said?

Even when you know it makes you an outsider?

Standing up for the ones

So beaten down

They can no longer stand at all?

If this makes me insane

Well, I guess

I’m truly mad

Now runaway, little lamb

Back to your flock

They wait for your latest update

Like Piranhas waiting for the next to fall

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