Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Glass Jar Of Magic

Sealed in a jar is a wish

A wish from a well-wisher written with magic

On a small piece of paper tucked neatly inside

Surrounding this paper

Are symbols of strength

Of protection

A black pressed number 7 imbedded

In the side of a smoothly polished bead

Rolls around with ease in the glass

Accompanied by a light green agate

A stone of many travels with my friend

In her faraway land



And other things

Now sit in this jar before me

All are sheltered by the white petals of an orchid

It lies softly atop, softly it lies

But the true beauty in all of this

Is someone thinking of another

A friend

Putting their feelings and heart into

Something for someone else

Making something for another who’s hurting

Now that’s the strongest magic of all

A magic that lives on forever

Never to be taken away from the depths of my mind

So, when times are good

Or times are bad

I will gaze with glee filling my eyes

While worry wanders away from me

At a jar filled with wishes washed with magic

With kindness

With caring

With thoughts of hope from another

This poem is from my book Petals Falling

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