Friday, October 24, 2014

My Correspondence With Angels And Demons

I drowned once, you know?

I was a sandy blond child in the muddy waters of Georgia

The tobacco cut knife had been put down for the day

Sticky with nicotine sap coating its curved blade

The men and women had come in from the fields

In from the sea of green leaves roasting in the southern sun

The workers gathered their families

Around the irrigation pit 

To relax

To swim



I found myself falling in

My seven years of living did not include learning how to swim  

Not even tread water


Down, down, down, I went

Like a coin tossed in a wishing well

But this was no wish of mine

As much as it was a bad dream I was stuck in

I stood on the clay colored bottom

Looking up

Through the twenty feet of water

My skin growing cold and clammy

Dull deadness

I was becoming

For I was watching my own death

Living through it

On my way to not living at all

I was acting out my end without an applause

For the angels and demons

Fighting over who would get my soul

Were too busy to clap

My mother screamed from the other side of the pit

Trying desperately to save the life of her youngest son

But her voice was no contest for the irrigation pump

Then as I was fading away

While the muddy water filled my lungs

The two arms of my uncle wrapped around me

Pulled me out of the dark depths of death drowning below

He had seen my mother’s panic and did not need to hear her cries

To know her child was below

So, the angels and demons would have to wait a little longer

Before my soul was ready to take

This poem is from the book : Petals Falling

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