Sunday, October 26, 2014

Silver Panes Of Glass

Teardrops fall like mirrors from my eyes

Like panes of glass

They fall with reflections of my life

Sliding down my cheeks

One after the other after the other

Turning off what you internalize sometimes proves difficult

For what you’ve soaked in


The day before, a flood of drowning proportions  

A cesspool of lies

Pushing relentlessly against a lonely levy of truth

One, by one, by one

The lies gather

Till the levy can’t hold any more   

Spider cracks

Fine as Asian silk begin to form on its wall

Then the drips of untruths seep through

Drip, by drip, by drip

They fall, fall, fall

Then comes the moans

Cries from the other side

Whispers from the other side

Reassurances that all is better than ever

Little lies turn to fire-breathing dragons

Impossible to believe

The lies will flow from their mouths

Worthless words you want to believe

‘Cause they sound better than the truth

This poem is from my book : Petals Falling

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