Saturday, April 11, 2015

Afterlife Of Dreams


Are as close as we’ll

Ever know of

The afterlife, in this life!!!


Locked within the body

Skin stretched over skeleton frames

Manikins of blood and bone we are

The skull cradles

These dreams as

Synapses fire

The electricity of thoughts

The movie projector in our mind

Begins rolling

Days of the past



All the desires we push away

From in the day

Break and crack the ground of night


What we desire

In our dreams is undeniable

What we fear

Has a key to our locked doors 

For, it’s our mind that

Locked it away in the first place

Our self-conscious

Blooms into the world of the unconscious

My eyes dart back and forth

Back and forth, forth and back

Under their lids they roll

Casting imagery in my mind

I watch Vitruvian Man

Spin on his paper ink wheel

As Vitruvian Woman looks on

Crying with laughter


She is the one

Who’s spun him out of control

She lays down beside me

Now clothed, I almost don’t recognize her

A skirt, dark hose, and button up blouse

I put my arm around her

Smelling her beauty in the darkness

I fall asleep, within my sleep

And awake the next morning 

To walk amongst the awakened

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