Sunday, April 26, 2015

Virginia Woolf’s Pockets Full Of Stones

Wading into the River Ouse

The rushing water consumed you

As much as your words

Consume readers today

Your pockets full of stones

And your walk into the river

Were shocking

To a world

That doesn’t understand madness

Your shattered glass thinking

Your broken wheel rolling

Into a downhill tumble of tumbles

Was much

Too much

For anyone to bear

Delicate eggshell stepping

Never stopped the voices from waking

Each day

Voices speaking constantly

Rambling at only a mutter

Never becoming quiet

Never ceasing to silent!

Trying to survive with these echoes

These whispers in your mind

Slowly took everything

Slowly took it all!

So, sleep sweet Virginia

Rest in the heavens

Up there

Out there

Wherever eternal rest might be?

More than likely it’s somewhere over there

Where the butterflies disappear

Into the shadows of the trees

At any rate


Your words are still read

Your work lives on

Alive on the screens of computers

On phones

Inside dust covered hardbacks

On a shelf

In someone’s collection 

So, sleep sweet Virginia


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