Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kite In The Sky

There’s an animal

In the bushes this morning

Its eyes glow a slightly dull yellow

As it watches me from the darkness

As I watch the kite in the sky!

This kite made of shining stars

Glittering above me

Is one of my first memories

A sight I hold in my mind

Like a Polaroid picture

Pulled from a

Shoebox lying in the shadows of storage

I had a migraine yesterday

The pain was unbearable

It was like my brain was in a vise

Slowly being squeezed

Beyond its limits



The slightest of anything was

Seemingly too much to take

Tipping me towards totally turning to tears!

Another first memory for me

Like the kite

Was my mother suffering from migraines

She cried for long periods

Wishing it would just be over

Disappearing into her room for hours

As a child

It has a great impact on your mind

To see your mother weep

It’s unsettling at best

It’s incomprehensible when your young mind

Is trying to comprehend

This strange new world you’re growing up in

Where seeing, tasting, hearing, and feeling

Is your primal education 

Your basic beginnings

So, being told someone is having a migraine

Is hard to understand

But seeing them cry day after day

Makes all the understanding of it 

Race like a speeding car

Into your intellect

Yesterday, I finally found my way home

After work

I downed three ibuprofens

Then tried to eat, but couldn’t

The room felt like it was spinning

As I laid down

I wished for sleep

To come fast

Then I awoke hours later

And walked outside

To watch the kite made of stars

And pray my headache never returns

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