Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The windswept

Sweeping of wind chimes

Hanging above me

Is the best

Melodic morning music

Water is in the air

It smells so sweet

After the heat of yesterday

A day the sun rays

Blazed its beginning

As I sat in its rise

I watched a hawk

Carry off

A snake for breakfast

Then a hooker climb a chain-link fence

Maneuvering with skill

While holding her heels

I guess it was too much effort

To walk around

Or maybe, too much need

To get back to forgetting

The night before

Disappearing into her high

The pimp, the hooker, the crook

The liar, the con, the addict 

All were once newborns

Bringing joy to families

Squirming around in a onesie

For some people

Their parachute will twist and tangle

On the free fall of life

For some

There’s no happily ever after

There’s just

Resolve, and the next morning’s sunlight

And the dollar that’s so dearly coveted

By our world

Is the same tucked into the hooker’s bra

Pushed into the pocket of the pimp

Stolen by the thief

Giving meaning to the liar’s lies

Relief to the addict’s addictions 

So take refuge in the small gifts given

Each day

Not everything can be bought

The shade of a tree on a blistering afternoon

Or the cool wind sweeping your face

With the sweet smell of water

When you can’t remember the last time it rained

Is priceless

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