Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poem : The Politician’s Spill

What would Fred G. Johnson draw these days?
What would he see before him?
For the new circus is in full swing but boring as ever
For the meters keep spinning In the house no one owns
The house that’s switched hands so many times the banks can’t find its title
It’s now floating in a bottle in a massive sea of debt
And for what?
All to make more money for the lender
The builder
The banker
The realtor
The modern-day pharaohs of fortune
But the people who were on the short end of the stick
Who were once considered unlucky
Are now living rent free
They’ve stopped paying and can’t be evicted
Lady-Luck sometimes plays with House-money
And sometimes she’s nowhere to be found
And the politicians still promise paradise from their pulpit
While the towns they visit fall down all around us
Things will surely turn around if they’re only elected
Just be sure to vote for the prince of promises
Or the political princess pandering with words of reassurance
All will be right in the world of your living
Their words sound so convincing
They must know what we are going through
When what they do pay in taxes is more than a family makes in a lifetime
They say they’re here to help you
That they’re in touch with your feelings
Here for the people
That they’re just like us who are doing the voting
That they’ve walked a mile in my shoes
And I thought those holes in my shoe sole were from looking for jobs
Or picking up cans for pennies on the dollar
And the old now sit in their homes wondering what went wrong
The unemployed have stopped altogether looking
The homeless are finding that cardboard is now in a shortage
For far too many are joining their ranks

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