Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dare Stones

Scratched words from desperate people

Left behind in a strange new land

Fleeing from what

Ultimately awaited them

Being engulfed by time

Swallowed up by circumstance

These stones with their messages

Would surface years later

Like dead fish on top a pond

For people to ponder

For experts to speculate

For skeptics to be skeptical

Making modern folks happy

For they had something new

To fight about


Never understanding

Why these words were written

In stone  



Either way the Lost Colony

Did what we all will in time

Disappear into a fading memory

Unless our messages

Stay behind for the next

What will we leave behind?

Or will we take so much

There will nothing more to take

Use so much

Nothing will be useful

Until our planet looks like Mars

Dry and barren

Red and dusty

Waterless riverbeds

Rocks as far as one could see

Sand storms choking the air


The biggest Dare Stone of all

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