Friday, March 27, 2015


Raindrops, raindrops, raindrops

Fall, fall, fall

Turning this dusty landscape

Green once more



You make the sounds of

Drums drumming

As you drop on these

Wooden planks before me

Every few drips

Ring the blade of a garden spade

Beside me

Making the shovel chime softly this night

Out there in the darkness

I here you drop

On a chain-link fence pipe


Pinging in the distance

Like a beacon

Helping spring awake from

Its winter slumber

Raindrops fall in front of me


The floating sponges of the sky

Drop life once more upon us

On this pitch black night

Streetlights look blurry

Through the downward drizzle

From a thousand tears

From one hundred weeping angels

Or maybe its souls sobbing with sorrow

That tomorrow never came for them

Raindrops fall in front of me

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