Wednesday, March 25, 2015

High Horse

It’s something

To see

Someone parade themselves


On a high horse

The view outward is never

What it is inward

For the eyes are closed when

Riding upon these magnificent animals

The all-knowing

Most of the time

Know very little


The horse’s ground

Will become unsteady

Rocky to ride upon

The rider’s posture changes

And they begin

To slip from their

Star studded saddle

Down they go!!!




Their empire of arrogance

Will crumble like a house of cards

Falling to the ground bewildered

Anything like this could happen to them

Their high horse will flee

And once again

They will find themselves at eye level

With the rest of the world


Seeing eye level is humbling indeed

The perfect balance

On the seesaw of life


Falling is what it takes to awake

For the blind to see

For the deaf to hear

For the tuned out


Tune in

This fall is life changing for some


Most climb right back on

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