Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

I think a cloud is

Hiding the sun today

The youth

Are turning into an army

Of Salvador Dalis

Their phones

Their computers

Telling them time

Has made it difficult for them

To tell time

Their eyes widen

As if the wall clock is melting

Like it’s suddenly a Dali painting

Father Time’s Heart now beats

With the help of

A rechargeable battery

Rumor has it

Cars will soon

Drive themselves

Anything to make life easier

I guess?

Less thinking for the masses

Just push a button



Command and go

Programming by the programmed

For our convenience

For our comfort

For less mistakes

Tomorrow’s tomorrow

Like a maze of rats

We soon might be waiting for

The feeding bell to chime

Sniffing the air at what

We can no longer identify    

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