Sunday, March 29, 2015

Red-light Crows

Sitting in traffic

That seemed to be moving

Inch by inch

Plastic covered bumpers


Plastic covered bumpers

Something caught my eye

My eye caught something

In the sky

Above me

Crows flying back and forth

From the dumpster of a seafood restaurant

To the red-light above

Perched on the long iron arm

They sat waiting

In all of their cleverness

These birds were carrying

Unopened clams

From the rotting trash

To the intersection of cars

Dropping these shellfish

From their scissor-like beaks

These crows called out in joy

In excitement

Anticipating the crushing of the clams


They sat waiting

For the light to turn green

And the cars to move forward

Much like the humans below

Finally the clam’s shell was crushed

By the steel belted wheels

Moving like steamrollers of rubber

These birds swooped down and grabbed

Their next meal

Flying back up to their roost

They feast and feast well

Making the most of

What’s right in front of them

All while the ones beneath

Moan and cry

They’re still inconvenienced

By this light burning bright red  

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