Wednesday, May 27, 2015

7.2 Billion

Red Light Theater always has

A captive audience

Cast members

Hold cue cards

For you the director to read

“Will work for food”

I guess we all work for food in

Some way or another

Just remember

Hustle the homeless Hustler before he hustles you!!!


Whatever you do

Don’t look them in the eye

You might see your soul

He’s one of the 7.2 Billion people on the planet

You know?

Standing on the corner of your city

Or frozen to death

On a bench in Central Park  

Or her

Stepping off of the city bus in the rain

Plastic bags stretched tight with can goods

A warm salty meal

I guess is on the menu tonight    

And then there’s those

Meeting for brunch after tennis

Or those

Building the next city high-rise

Or those


The hooker standing at the top

Of the interstate bridge

And the cop pleading for her to step down

Her tears falling onto the cars speeding below

With drivers just wanting to go home

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